Tesla Motors Plans to Establish a Shared Vehicle Fleet

I remember one time I was going through a parking lot with a friend and all of a sudden got struck by a rather peculiar concept idea. I wondered what if we lived in a society where cars have no particular owner? In other words basically anyone can get in any car and use it to do their errands. The idea seemed brilliant in a way. But very soon I came to the realization that in order to make such a thing work, the very fabric of the society’s framework has to change. So instead of attempting to pursue such a thing in this world back then I decided to include this concept in a book subjecting an alternate universe. However, it seems that entities such as  Motors are already en route on that movement.

Tesla Motors Vision

According to some news which has surfaced lately, Elon Musk – CEO of Tesla Motors has recently revealed what may come as a bizarre concept to some of you. Apparently, Musk envisions a world where privately-owned autonomous vehicles can basically be shared between people where the owners are paid for when their vehicles are being used by someone else. Kind of like an autonomous  it seems. But though the idea may seem fine and dandy to many, I imagine bringing it to life would pose a decent challenge.  Basically I think the problem will have two branches: One is technological, where autonomous vehicles will finally adapt to our non-autonomous roads and drivers. OR, if every car on the road becomes autonomous, which brings us to the second branch of the problem: The cultural side of all of this. See, if I was to envision a world where cars are shared, I would also imagine many other collaborative concepts between humans. More like a Utopia where everyone works together for the best of the planet in harmony. Thus, I believe that Tesla’s concept would require much more engineering than what is required to build a fluent fully autonomous vehicle.

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Tesla Motors Plans to Establish a Shared Vehicle Fleet