My Pokémon Go Experience – Episode 1

In case you have not heard which is quite doubtful, Pokémon Go is now an international topic amongst gamer and also non-gamer communities. There are plenty of reasons which could have contributed to the viral publicity the game has collected over a very short period of time. With the aid of social media, Pokémon Go is now among the most played video games of all time. Thus, I have decided totry my own Pokémon Go experience.

Installation & Storage

My journey has begun by installing Pokémon Go on an Android based Moto G4. The installation was quite straight forward and simple just like many apps. It is currently occupying approximately 123 MB of space, which isn’t too bad for a game. Upon launching the game for the first time, I was asked to provide some permissions such as my location and camera. I was also asked to join the game using my Google Plus profile. After a few steps and providing some information & grant permissions, the gameplay setup process has begun.

Pokémon Go Game Setup

Setting up the game was not too difficult for me. And I imagine it would not be for someone with basic knowledge of role-play video games. You basically setup your character’s outlook by defining its gender and style. Shortly after that I was notified that there is some Pokémon nearby for me to catch. Exciting!

Pokémon Go Experience

Pokémon Go gameplay style is a combination between GPS maps & Augmented Reality. Your character moves with you as you move around via your GPS coordinates directing you to nearby Pokémon & Pokéstops. Once you approach a nearby Pokémon, you’ll have the option to switch to an AR mode where you can throw your pokéballs at the virtual object in order to catch it.


The gameplay was simple and straight forward. At first I saw three Pokémon which were Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. However, if you do not catch any of them and keep walking away for a while Pokachu gets added for you to choose as your startup companion.


My Positive Remarks

In my opinion, Pokémon Go is an outstanding way to work out! Since the only apparent way of moving your character is to physically move around yourself, I have noticed that I crossed a significant distance just walking around in the real world in order to discover what the corresponding GPS coordinates virtual World are hiding for you. A pretty neat concept there if you ask me. In addition, I have previously stated that getting youngsters engaged in those applications can encourage them to get into the backend and learn coding.

My Not-So-Positive Remarks

Pokémon Go is a pretty engaging game, which can be both good and bad. For example, as I was looking for things to discover in a parking lot, I almost crossed a busy road without realizing it. Because well, the roads on the game map look similar and clear. Which brings up a point that I believe will help reducing risks of getting struck by a car. I think it would be nice to mark roads based upon traffic. This can be accomplished by using a live update system similar to that used in many standard GPS systems. For example, if the main road I was reaching from the parking lot showed up in red instead of the same shade of blue as the parking lot, I may have been alerted quicker to look ahead of me before getting there.

Another issue about my Pokémon Go experience was privacy. I personally would not mind my location being discovered by parties such as Google or Niantic. However, I am pretty concerned from my location being accessed by hackers, which as a developer I can estimate that under the current level it would not be too much of a challenge to hack Pokémon Go database and find out the location of anyone who’s using the game. Yes this might be useful to catch criminals, but it can also raise crime rate if that data has gotten in the wrong hands.

This was my Pokémon Go experience so far. Have you played Pokémon Go? Do you have additional remarks that you wanna share? Let us know.


My Pokémon Go Experience – Episode 1