If you’re a regular here you’ve probably came to notice that we have been enthusiastic with regards to the concept of Virtual Reality and 360 video. (In case you have no clue of what I’m talking about kindly refer to this article). And in our ultimate quest to discover the world of Virtual Reality (VR) we have stumbled upon this little gadget called OCT VR BOX 2.0 for the price of $12.99 at Amazon with Prime membership and we were like: “What the heck, let’s try it out!”

Oct VR Box 2.0 2nd Gen


I remember that my first VR box project as a child was basically a cardboard box that incorporated flipbook animation. OCT VR BOX uses a similarish technology. Except instead of having to insert crappy child-made flipbook animation packets you insert your cellphone instead. How cool is that! The headset has magnifying lenses that help creating the impression of 1st person view when playing a 360 degree video using your inserted smartphone. But this is only half of what’s cool about this technology. The other half is that the view angle actually moves with you when you turn your head as if you were really there!

There is currently a giant handful of VR headsets using the same technology available to purchase such as Google Cardboard and its impressions. To be honest this is our very first purchase so we cannot say whether it’s better, equal, or worse than the others but we can only tell you about how we feel about it.

The Good

OCT VR BOX incorporates Resin lens which are said to help reducing VR sickness. It also uses adjustable lenses in order to provide the best experience possible. I have to say this is impressive for the price. And although I cannot compare it to other headsets when it comes to comfortably but I can tell you that this particular headset was pretty comfortable for me. Yes I still experience some VR fatigue but it isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. The overall design is pretty slick and has a decent quality, and wearing it is pretty comfortable for as long as you use hand support, which we will get to discuss in the bad section. The adjustable lenses make it easy to generate a perfect view, with specious design that allows you  to use the headset comfortably even with glasses on.


The Bad

OCT VR BOX 2.0 is a universal VR headset, and therefore you should not expect it to fit your phone with precision. I first had some trouble with the clip holder pressing and holding down my volume down button. Until I realized that the box actually comes with some sticky pads which you can stick on the bottom side of the holder to prevent this from happening. I just thought it would have been nice to have a padded clip by default. The second thing I do not like about OCT VR BOX 2.0 is that in order to get the display centered you have to not shut the stock all the way, which again is probably caused by the headset being a universal model. In addition, the head strap does not hold up to the weight of the gadget and you may have to use your hands to provide support.


Overall, I think OCT VR BOX 2.0 is really impressive for the price. Although it does have its limitations, but I believe it would make a good starter pack for someone who is new and curious about the VR concept.

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