How to make money online using freelance websites

Most of us wish to but majority of us fail to find genuine websites. Many of the searches lead to websites that offer to pay thousands of dollars for doing almost nothing. Definitely most of these websites are scams. The term you missed searching is ‘freelance’. Freelancing is a great way of making money online. Today we have made a list of websites that offer freelancers a way to earn money. If you are a talented person, you can really make a lot of money , enough to pay your bills or even get rich if you get really good at it.

Who is a freelancer ?

According to Wikipedia ” A freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term.” So if you are a person trying to earn some money online doing short term jobs that pays you, you are an online freelancer.

Freelancer : is one of the oldest freelance website out there where freelancers can bid for freelance jobs posted by potential clients. Freelancer also offers a platform to compete in contests and the winner gets the promised amount.

Upwork: and joint hands to form or we can say that absorbed Elance and Odesk into it. Upwork(previously Odesk) is one of the best freelance website out there that can earn you some serious money if you are competent enough. There are over 1.5 million clients on Upwork. The competiton in Upwork is also quiet high but if you are competent enough, you can really earn a lot on that site.

Fiverr: is an other great freelance website where almost anyone can earn. No special talents are required on Fiverr. Its a marketplace for small services. You can sell almost any talent on Fiverr. Unlike other websites, you post a ‘gig’ . Gig is like a service that you are offering for $5, and for every extra service ‘extra gig’ that come along with it, you charge extra dollars. Say for example you offer to draw a pic for $5, to paint that pic, you charge another $10, For framing it , an other $20 and so on.

Toptal: is a website for software developers and designers alone. You need to apply to be a freelancer there and pass their test to be accepted. But unlike other website, it is high paying and no low paying projects are allowed there. So if you are a talented programmer or designer and you have some free time for freelance work, Toptal is the best place for you.

Peopleperhour: is an other great website for mostly web developers, designers, digital marketers and content writers. In short its a website for people in the web development industry. So if you are a web developer, a digital marketer or an seo expert or has good talent for graphics design, is a website you should consider working as a freelancer.

Guru: is an other great website to find freelance jobs. They have a wide range of category from Web development to art , legal, marketing etc. It is one of the top freelance website out there that you should consider working for.

99designs: Like the name suggests is a website for graphic designers alone. So if you are a talented graphics designer , 99designs maybe the best place for you. Like freelancer 99designs also let you compete in design contests to showcase your talents to potential clients and get their feedback.