How to go to Philpost and claim your Package

Usually, when we are expecting packages  from abroad , we usually  expect to receive it in-front of our doorsteps,  but not in all cases, especially if its opted for via EMS or (Express Mail Service), that goes to Central Mail Exchange Center, Philippine postal office or Philpost office in Pasay City, which is sort of my  dilemma because it’s far from where I live, good thing there’s LRT , if you’re commuting like me, this is one of the easiest route to get there.

Firsts thing first, I think it depends on the country of origin but packages and parcels though they say express isn’t express at all, well, that’s according to my experience, because from its country of origin it usually takes only 5 days before it reaches the Philippines, but I usually receive mine a month after but that’s another topic already, let’s proceed first to the steps when claiming a package.

Step 1:

If your parcel is sent via EMS you would receive a notice card like this;



If you didn’t get one you can try using Philpost’s track and trace option in their website using this link . If it states that your package is en-route to delivery office most probably it’s there already, you have the option to print it out  show them or just secure a copy of your tracking number in a piece of paper.

Other option is calling their office and have them track it for you, you can contact them at (02) 854-5467 or (02) 854-4613 they also have an option for SMS only +639225333283.

Lastly, you can email them (this one worked for me last time I claimed a package)

Behind the card you will notice some reminders that states:

Important Requirements: For all items subject to customs examination prior to release of the items;

Upon payment of the duties and taxes, if any, the EMS item/s shall be release to the addressee or his/her authorized representative upon presenting the following acceptable and vakid identification cards, to wit:            

1. ID requirements

          One (1) of the ff:                                                

  1. Postal ID                                                          
  2. Driver’s License                                           
  3. Current Passport                                         
  4. PRC ID                                                         


             or Two (2) of the ff:

  1. School ID
  2. Company ID
  3.  Voter’s ID with Voter’s Affidavit
  4.  BIR/TIN ID with picture and signature
  5. SSS Id with picture and signature

    2. Payment of customs duties and taxes (if any)




Step 2:

Once you’re there, go to EMS customer service window, get a number, write down your tracking number in the papers provided or submit your notice  card and ID (also don’t forget to secure a photo copy of your ID, they may ask for it later). Sit and wait till your number is called.  Waiting time depends, sometimes they have a hard time locating where your package is, and sometimes they still wait for a customs officer available to check the packages, before they call you one by one.



Be guided that;

  1. If your package is for customs examination, the office is open Mondays To Fridays 8:00am – 5:00pm
  2. But, if your item is only for pick-up at EMS window delivery, you may claim from Mondays to Fridays 8:00am – 5:00pm and Saturdays 8:00am – 2:00pm



Step 3:



Once you’re called, you will be asked to go to the room on the other side of the customer service section, where a Custom’s officer is waiting, I realized this isn’t the case for all, if you remember your notice a card, on top of it are boxes which indicates whether your package is:

A. Subject for Customs Examination or

B. For pick-up at EMS window delivery.


IF you’re B. You will just be called at the other side of the window, ask you to sign a ledger and pay for postage tax, before it was 50php, I just don’t know how much now.  They will hand you, your package and ID and you’re done and good to go.

But, if you’re A. they will open the package in-front of you and check your package’s contents.

Just to share, usually they tax you for some taxable items in this part, depends on the officer, my experience before, once I received a branded sunglasses, and the officer asked if its new or used, I answered used, and I’m good to go, 😛

Other times other people who were also claiming packages complains that they were tax so high, sometimes even more than the amount of what they bought for themselves. I guess that won’t be the case anymore, since there’s a law now about items costing 10,000php below are not subject for tax anymore (hopefully), which is a very good thing, especially for those claiming items, for personal uses only.

Anyway, after they checked your items, they will tape it back, hand you your notice card and ID and tell you to go to another window you will sign a ledger, pay your dues and postage tax, (this part they asked me a photocopy of my ID) then hand you your package and you’re good to go. (if your package is that not small to fit on your bag or not that big but you will hand carry it, don’t forget to bring extra bag, unless you want to show everyone that you just got a parcel from philpost).


How to go to Philippine Postal Office’ s Central Mail Exchange Center (CMEC)  via LRT;

Again LRT because it easier and faster for me. So, if you are from Balintawak Quezon City, or Munoz or Monumento or anywhere near where LRT is, then maybe you can try this route.

CMEC is located at Domestic Road 1300, Pasay City.

Via LRT I would just drop off at Baclaran Station, the last LRT station, so you if you’re standing when you first get on the train, don’t worry, when you’re at EDSA station you’re sure get to be seated before you reach Baclaran (hehe). Before, the fare was 30php, now I’m not sure anymore but I think it’s less than 50php.

So, from Baclaran Station, go right near Baclaran Church where jeepneys are passing by, if you’re early there won’t be a lot of passengers unless its Baclaran day so you’re free to ask the driver, if they will pass by Park n Fly, route is Tambo, some have signees Park N Fly in-front and on the body of the vehicle, it’s just minimum fare from Baclaran.

Park N Fly is a big building, In front of it is a gasoline station, and a crossroad plus a stoplight (of course). Elope there and cross the pedestrian lane, walk pass the gasoline station and the BDO bank beside it.

Philpost office is at the back of Park N FLY.

Ahead of the gas station and the bank is a side walk, just walk through it until you reached the Philpost gate, it would be hard to missed because its open and you will see the big Philpost writing, usually when I go early, I would sight some Philpost employees on their way to work, feel free to ask them or stalk them if you like. EMS office is on the right side of the gate.