Brace Yourself For the Upcoming Resident Evil 7.

I remember that the very first zombie game I have ever experienced was a first person shooter game with the title being something like “Biohazard” or something like that. This was a long time ago. Probably 1997. Which I believe was the same year the first titled Resident Evil game with the traditional characters that we know came about. And from what I gather, Resident Evil 7 reminds me a lot of that Biohazard game.

Before I can get in any further details about Resident Evil 7 I must warn you that I may be a little biased towards the traditional RE story line and main characters. And that Resident Evil is in fact the only zombie game I’m actually into.

However, even with me being a hardcore traditionalist when it comes to Resident Evil I must admit that Resident Evil 7, although does not seem very related to the original tales of Umbrella Corporation and its plot is still appears pretty exciting to me. I must admit that I used to be a hardcore 3rd person enthusiast but now that we’re right at the dawn of the Virtual Reality age I have become more oriented towards first person gameplay.

The new gameplay style Resident Evil 7 is supposed to not only cover the player perspective but is also said to be incorporating a weaponry system which may include shovels, flame throwers, and chainsaws. I’m guessing that CAPCOM is experimenting with first person mode and is attempting to make it more appealing to the player by focusing on close range combat. But they also want to be careful by trying not to mix the new concepts with the faithful story line, but at the same time maintaining a link with it.

All in all, I am fairly excited about the upcoming Resident Evil 7 game and am certainly willing to give it a decent shot.

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